If You Take Your Love

Story Behind The Song

Some years ago when I heard someone say, in reference to his wife and himself, If I answer her with the same sarcasm with which the answers me, then she will in turn come back with some more sarcasm to top my sarcasm, then there will be a competition o

Song Description

An appeal to lover to quit the use of scarcastic words and arguing, or else the love will come to nothing.

Song Length 5:08 Genre R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Anxious Subject Drugs
Language English Era 2000 and later


Chorus: Baby if you take your love from me and I take back my love, soon there'll be no more love.
And woman if you take your love from me, then this thing
we have will soon become a zero.

Verse 1: When we disagree you use sarcastic words to me and hurt my feelings, then I'll do the same so I can get back at you for hurting me. And so it goes on back and forth and back and forth until there' so much hurt
Now it seems to me that you hurt me and I hurt you has now become our theme.

Chorus: ..............................

Verse 2: Each time that we use these nasty words and hurt each other's feelings, we take away the love that we should have for each other woman.
It means so much to me, the love I shared with you in the beginning baby.
If we want this love to last we gotta put back in what we took out.

Chorus: ...............................

Bridge: Let's be kind to each other, love one another and use pretty words like honey, baby, sweetheart.
Let's put back what we took out and make a new beginning.
Together we can make it last.

Chorus: (Twice) ........
Ad Lib: ..................

Lyrics Paul Ranger Music Paul Ranger
Producer Sam Archer Publisher Everang Publishing
Performance Paul Ranger, Sam Archer, Terrence Russell Label Team Stone Music (independent)
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