Quantum Flux

Story Behind The Song

I've been a blues/rock and roll addict my whole life. Recently, the new dance music (Gaga, LMFAO, Pitbull etc is stickin in my brain! I Like it! This is my first attempt in the genre with a wierd nerdy twist! Hope you like it it's fun! -Paul

Song Description

This is about a weird dream in Science class and getting away from it all.

Song Length 4:13 Genre Electronic - Dance, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Frenetic Subject General, Fun


Quantum Flux
copyright 2011
John Paul Bolcar

Verse 1
Your energy is making me heavy
sorta like the speed of light squared
Yeh Einstein knew if you stick it to the limit it all comes out real weird
Can't control position and velocity, where it is you just can't say
Find it on the dance floor
keep on jumpin
waitin just to give it away

Blastin off to deep space
gotta find the perfect place
bringin all my best beer
and get my baby outta here

Verse 2
Hey grab that groove need to kick it into high gear
leave that mess back there
Climbin from the pad seven miles in a second
on our way to the stratospere
From blue to black see the pretty pretty twinklers long long time away
Not to fret we'll be poppin out a wormhole
and get there yesterday.

Verse 3
Holy cow just where the hell are we
Big black hole ahead
Gettin real close to that event horizon
maybe I shoulda stayed in bed
Whats that noise scritch scratching like a DJ
servin up some cosmic hiss
just one more beer not to worry bout the howling
Got time for one last kiss

Blastin off to deep space
gotta find the perfect place
bringin all my best beer
and get my baby outta there

Lyrics Paul Bolcar Music Paul Bolcar
Producer Paul Bolcar Performance Paul Bolcar
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