Held for Ransom

Story Behind The Song

Story developed in a dream of being in a very bad place

Song Description

Song about a person who is in a very deep depression and a kindred spirit takes over his emotions and now he is held captive in her love

Song Length 4:42 Genre Blues - Rock, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, Exultant Subject Imagination, Spirituality
Similar Artists Santana, Robert Cray Language English
Era 2000 and later


Held for Ransom in Love - Blues
Lyrics O.Quinones

I wake up at night
see the shadows through the light I am suspended in a pool of midnight air
I turn myself all around
as I glide above ground
Cause I feel your kindred spirit floating there

I was in a frigid zone
Facing those who were alone
But then you lifted me through to your soul

Now I feel my heart start falling To the inner depths I'm crawling and when I think I am done
I feel my head start spinning
As I hope God willing
That you'll touch me more than once
I feel a rage of Thunder
as I'm filled with hunger
for a love that bridges our time
I feel the breath of wonder
From deep down under Cause I'm held for Ransom in your love
Held for Ransom without a gun
Held for Ransom with love
A bond like a Mother and Son

I'm so glad I took the stride
And followed you through night
Holding on so tight as you lift me hire
You're my vision you're my sight you saved me from my strife
And now I'm sliding in your cauldron of desire
Now I see the light of day
With open arms I pray
That you lift me to through to your soul CHORUS

Lyrics Orlando Quinones Music Orlando Quinones
Producer Orlando Quinones Publisher Orlando Quinones
Performance Orlando Quinones Label Orlando Quinones
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