Crown Blues

Song Length 3:30 Genre Blues - Modern, Blues - Chicago
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Sensation, Sadness


Crown blues
Emiliano Girolami 2020

Crown blues slowly comes again
from its far away getting here
no one seems taking care on their own
living lives
getting all their attention
every night
every day
working hard
holding pain

Crown blues it will lock you down
you will stop to do
everything you were used to play
to carry on
to enjoy
to leave it on
your soul
your life
your wife
your world

Look at the window the world is outside
it's empty and aching there's people to die
look at the window what else you can do
to help people crying they won't stop that soon
yeahhh you still hope
we will change all the world
to get better
and safer
and smarter
our world

No way man no such a big change
everything still remains the same
every side keep doing the old way
on their own no one cares of the world
no kindness
no care
no rules
no embrace

Nicely executed vocals and instruments.

Lyrics Emiliano Girolami Music Emiliano Girolami
Producer Emiliano Girolami
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Crown Blues

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