Floyd (Explicit)

Story Behind The Song

Was meant to be a diss track for a few people but i made it a general track

Song Description

N.O.K. used Floyd Mayweather as the theme of the song as he personified himself and his skillset with that of the Boxing Legend.

Song Length 2:06 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - West Coast
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Uptight, Aggressive Subject Life, Philosophy
Language English Era 2000 and later



first and foremost lets make shit clear
hatred in the matrix is on a pace wit
the rise of the racists in the nation,
ain't it fly how he thrive in a snake pit
dap a guy show em love from the gate,
then they go behind and they say shit
on the grind and my mind is in space
like lookin in the eyes of the faceless
pavement invader you find the cannon adjacent
language abrasive not a fan of the fakeness
monkey wit my money
he go bananas and apeshit
comfy wit some funny
the dutchee stubborn and makeshift
just a taste a plate to take wit
can't mistake the great wit fake
he on the paperchase he like a attic
he can't quit
savage wit his matters
he pattern the same script
niggas said he average and can't spit
must be sniffin on lavender paint chips
on an island and stylin the case is
keep it a thousand and piling the greatness
on any calendar day
the talent displayed
beat these bums niggas all soundin the same
do the math like you counting some change
ill do half not accounting for lames
niggas crowding my lane
take a minute to retort
now every critic that listen and gettin pist at the vision
they got a voice
not a mention or sentence, or attention on the flip when ya shit is hittin ain't got a choice
whats a man to a lotta boys wit a lotta noise and a ego that you gotta void
cats think its a game like a pile of toys
til they get in the ring with the
talent and style of floyd

Lyrics N.O.K. Music TaylorMade Beats
Producer TaylorMade Beats Publisher BMI
Performance N.O.K. Label Byrdee Entertainment

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