Just Lovin' You (NH#701320143 Sample Only) Pop Orchestral

Story Behind The Song

This proves music is a healing emotional tool when Theirry Coupey, Quebec Canada, said he didn't want to live anymore when this "Just Lovin' You" project gave him a reason he understood. He told this to me, Nikki, in an email and it made me cry knowing I was doing the right thing. Now you listen and see if the collaboration was a good one as CJP-NHRecords staff worldwide believes in "Just Lovin' You" very much and do you?

Song Description

A songwriter from Broadjam submitted his work to Nikki Hornsby who is a Pro Reviewer. Nikki recognized his talents right away and reviewed a few of his songs. Then he disappeared from activity on Broadjam but Nikki finally contacted him by email and he said he'd quit music. She was taken aback by this affirmation and then in a few months contacted him again to see if he'd changed his mind about music when she offered him a project to work on...it was a CJP-NHRecords project for Pop instrument orchestration for licensing...this was to be done with her vocal track. He was so happy that he immediately started to work without the written agreement which shows how talent runs it's own race through life. The sample you have here on Broadjam which was a confirmation of Nikki's belief in Theirry Coupey's exceptional talent. So the contractual agreement was signed and the project was finished in April 2014. The song was released and distributed to iTunes & eStores worldwide. This is only the first step in Theirry Coupey's "Just Lovin' You" recognition. Stay tuned to Broadjam and the good news will soon follow as the plans progresses forward. Update: The 57th Grammy first round ballot has this single, USA release song, posted with Theirry's name credits for one category: "Arrangement, instrumentation, & vocal" which put this talented man on a NARAS Grammy level currently. Grammy work is a process, starts with first round ballot towards 2015 where the final ballot of nominees are worldwide known for the 57th Grammys votes. This Broadjam submittion to PRO Reviews has been taken to a level of judging only by professional proven music industry professionals. Reaching them to listen and consider voting is the task at hand as the first round ballot comes out 15th October. Prayers & positive thoughts accepted always.

Song Length 1:56 Genre Pop - Classic, Pop - General
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Engaging Subject Joy, Falling in Love
Language English Era 2000 and later
Lyrics Nikki Hornsby Music Nikki Hornsby all vocals & musician Thierry Coupey
Producer CJP-NHRecords production in collaboration with Nikki Hornsby & Thierry Coupey Publisher CJP-NHRecords & Nikki Hornsby
Performance BMI affilated for broadcasting. Mastering by Marty Rifkin, musicianship arrangement by Thierry Coupey (Quebec Canada) and all vocals by Nikki Hornsby Label CJP-NHRecords
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