You Do Me Blue * (1/4 of all the verses )

Story Behind The Song

After I came up with the title it basically laid itself out and only asked that we be present and live in its moment. Also it has approx. 12 more verses that we just didnt use, were not even real sure we chose the best verses of the 18 or so we wrote, but we chose the ones we could remember at the time we went to record it. *(i found the notebook containing all of the song verses to You Do Me Blue the other day, so maybe next time you hear it it will have been rerecorded). --Crawford Hurst

Song Description

Written with a baritone vocalist in mind, one might even say written esp. for a deceased Johnny Cash. but neither did we have a baritone singer as much as we had the late/great johnny cash so we did with it what we could. i always truly enjoyed this song from the beginning of its inception, but like all of the song material in our catalog, it too was intended to be sold off and sung by a professional recording artist with a backing band and a studio mind behind it. I truly hope others can enjoy it half as much as i have. --Crawford Hurst

Song Length 2:33 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Alternative
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Regret, Loneliness
Similar Artists Doc Watson, Dr. John


Well if only I'd been
More of a friend
And less of a lover to you
Well then maybe you might
Still be sleeping by my side
Stead of sleeping with God knows who
Oh you do me blue
Oh you do me blue

Well I cant entertain
Your face in a frame
Only the real thing will do
And if I cant touch your flesh
Well then to hell with the rest
Tastes like dirt compared to you
Oh you do me blue
Oh you do me blue

So please do me a favor
And peel back a layer
Does anything true still shine through?
Cause the fact of the matter
Is I've watch it all shatter
No happily ever after without you
Oh you do me blue
Oh you do me blue

Well cigarettes and whiskey
Hoping you'll kiss me
Knowing my plans been seen through
So now its teardrops and alleyways
Maybe's and yesterday's
Knowing that my prospects are few
Oh you do me blue
Oh you do me blue

Well the bottles are all empty
I got heartaches a 'plenty
I'm so lonesome it tears me in two
But nostalgia won't cheer me
So you may as well beer me
Cause you know I got nothing else to do
Oh you do me blue
Oh you do me blue
Oh yea you do
Oh you do me blue

All Music and Lyrics Written By: Nick Coleman and Crawford Hurst
Copyrighted: 3/17/2010 ©

an unfaithful girlfriend or wife we always hear about. it is always good to relate to it in a song. it makes us all feel less lonely.

Love this song - has a sense of Townes Van Zandt. Love the lyrics and your voice.

enjoyable tune.......

Even though this is just a demo, still a catchy song.

I like it a lot. Funny and sarcastic. I know the feeling.

Lyrics Crawford Hurst/Nick Coleman Music Nick Coleman/Crawford Hurst
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