Without You

Story Behind The Song

I was with a mean woman for a time only a few years back. and in that time i wrote too many songs that favored her... So that being said, this was my final blow toward an even scorecard and an actual, honest ode to her memory... May she rest in perpetual discontent. -Crawford Hurst

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Fast (151 - 170)


Days are long,
Nights are cold,
and I can see myself getting old,
Without you,
Cause without you,
I'm nothing more,
Than dirty clothes and empty drawers,
but I survived long before,
I found you,

So don't pretend,
To be concerned,
Cause if there's just one thing that I have learned, About you,
It's that you can't put your pride aside,
Long enough to enjoy the ride,
But I'll get by,
For all my life,
Without you,

Cause without you,
I'm nothing but,
a beat up truck an an old beer gut,
I'm an old guitar that needs new strings,
I'm an unshaven face,
I don't need too many things,
I got the scars to prove,
That i can make it through,
Ohh as long as I'm without you.
ohh as long as I'm without you.(Repeat)

© 8/27/2009
Copyrighted: Nick Coleman/Crawford Hurst

enjoyable sound --nice message

Like the vocal and the retro feel. Good song, and good hook.

I really like the feel of this song. I think the lyrics and the melody fit well.

I enjoyed this song through twice. Felt like I was in a smoky honky tonk somewhere in some funky small town. Cool feel.

Cool vibe to it, I like the congas. Very unique sounding song,like the guitar & vocals. It's one of those songs that
leaves you feeling good , even though the subject matter is
kind of about a broken hear.

Really fresh!
Love the vibe and earthy sound! (reminds me a little of some of Keb Mo's stuff)
Lyrics and melody are great.
Vocal is really distinctive and the harmony in the chorus just right!
Like the track a lot.
Very cool sound!
Keep it up!

Lyrics Crawford Hurst Music Nick Coleman
Performance Nick Coleman
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