Wild Turkey, Wild Women and Wild Times...

Song Length 8:11 Genre Country - Americana


now they tell me that God intoxicated man,
well it mustve been one helluva gas,
cause we been oh-so hungover ever since,
but its too bad a good high never lasts.

well i'm just an old good-timing man,
and i go drinkin hard and livin fast,
and i try to stay just as high as i can,
aint it sad that a good high never lasts.

well here's to seein double,
forgetting all your troubles,
here's to everyone whose left us behind,
here's to smoky rooms where the jukebox booms and the neon always shines,
Wild turkey, wild women and wild times.---> (2x's)

the future is open wide from where i stand,
lord and the present is just too far into the past,
but even way back then i swear i never gave a damn,
well it's too bad a good high never lasts,

well way back there in joplin many years ago,
i had me a run with the brass,
and i spent a month in that joplin jail,
just thinkin bout how a good time never lasts.


Well when a man dies can he ever live again,
i dont know but i sure like to think perhaps,
but what good was his life if it was only ever spent.
just behaving however they all say a man must act.

So you can your expectations and your promises too,
i'll take a toke - a shot of gin and a Pabst,
and just let me know when the world leaves you broken down and alone,
aint it funny then how a good time never lasts?


(NOTE: in the scratch track we were kinda loaded and messed up the recording so it just starts over at the beginning... sorry mom.)

great songwriter demo. Witty as hell. Rocked my socks off. Loved the retro country feel. well played, sung and recorded. David Alan Coe would have loved this tune! I'd love to cover it.

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