Thing are Lookin Better, After Having Gotten So Bad

Song Description

I was muzzling an Audi's exhaust pipe trying to end this life and all the sudden thangs started looking up. so i qiut pulling hemp,untied the noose, and lived another day.

Song Length 2:58 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Duet Female Mood In High Spirits, Sociable
Subject Freedom, Revolution Similar Artists T-Pain, Ghostface Killah
Language Multi-Language Era 2000 and later


Well we'd worked and been laid off and we wanted revenge,

So we stocked up on burgandy and went on a binge,

It was an awfully hard time in a long hard year,

There were dark clouds all over but the answer was clear,

We hit the bottle - hit the streets ans we spent what we had,

Things were lookin better after having,
Gotten so bad.

Well yesterday was not a day i want to re-live,

Getting by almost took more than i had to give,

and the powers that be sank their teeth into me,

With their lying smiles that stang like shit,

well i've brawled with these bosses - taking my beating and this to shall pass,

things are looking better after having,
Gotten so bad.

Well the futures uncertain and the deals are going down,

in the jail house or the penthouse or the alleys downtown,

Times are tight the well's dry as a bone,

Cant get gold from the water or blood from a stone,

Well my number's coming 'round and I'm building up my stash.

Things are looking better after having,
Gotten so bad,

Things are looking better after having, Gotten so bad...

Nice up beat feeling to this song.

Lyrics Nick Coleman / Crawford Hurst Music Nick Coleman / Crawford Hurst
Producer Yo-YO Mama Publisher Pewn Tang Publishing
Performance Ponca Town's Pimp, Hustler and Ho's Workers Union chapter 6652 Label Uncensored Cock Blocked Records
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