Oh So

Song Length 2:50 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Alternative


Getting edgy and restless
Tired and bored
I'd go for a drink
That I can't afford
Or go for a walk
With no place in mind
Lookin for someone I won't know when I find

Feelin oh-so oh-so oh-so uninspired
Feelin' unadmired in oh-so many ways
Got to know-so know-so know-so know-so many secrets
Maybe one of them can shed some light on my mistakes

Feelin' lonely and friendless
Stupid and weak
And I'd smoke me down a cigarette
If cigarettes were free
Well I'd cook up some steaks
If I had the cash
I'd come to pick you up Darlin'
But I just don't have the gas


Something is really cool about this voice... raspy and raw and yet in tune and attention grabbing.

I love how you guys write in that place of someone that is real and honest. It's irreplaceable. Lots of people have lost place in writing! You capture it Every. Single. Time.

Love the raspy vocals. Lyrics are refreshingly non-cliched. Clips along nicely and tells a story. Many elements that make this a great song!

Lyrics Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman Music Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman
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