Miss Audelia

Story Behind The Song

Women of the road

Song Description

Long, slow, vaguely depressing song about four women I met over the course of a strange year spent touring with a country band.

Song Length 6:13 Genre Unique - Waltz
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Odious, Poignant Subject General, Junk Food
Similar Artists Enya? Language English
Era Before 1600



Lyrics Nick Coleman and Cole Crawford-Hurst Music Nick Coleman and Cole Crawford-Hurst
Producer Gaius Marius Publisher Lucius Cornelius Sulla
Performance Gaius Julius Caesar Label SPQR
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Chartreuse Culotte Songs that done make me cry 1/24/2017
The LovePops Folk Heroes 1/19/2017
Nick Fuse Songs of Inspiration 1/17/2017
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