Might Be Missing Her Soon

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Gas was way too high, the heat was way too hot, the hard were getting harder, the dark was growing darker, the air was thick as thieves, that day she had stole my breath, and i couldnt hardly breathe, the day my WOMAN left, well i begged her not leave, but she just walked away, Collette. Collette. Woman, Why you make yourself so god damn hard to forget? Collette... Collette?

Song Length 2:50 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Americana
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Troubled, Tense Subject Femininity, Regret
Similar Artists Ray LaMontagne, Pitbull Language German
Era 1970 - 1979


Now I'm South Dallas dreaming bout Bettye LaVette,
Sitting by a fire with a bad case of the summer sweats,
But lust ia a gamble and love is just a bet,
And though i feel like I need her i'm not that desperate yet,

But I might be missing her soon,
I might be missing her soon, I might be missing her soon,

Well I'm laying the darkness and smoking neath the stars,
now i'm done faking a smile while i'm waiting out my heart,
Faith is for the fearful and lies make men kings,
And though i think i know the truth i don't know a god damn thing,

But I might be missing her soon,
I might be missing her soon, I might be missing her soon,

Well sobriety feels like small pox I like the quiet of the booze,
And everytime I'm sober it feels like a riots overdue,
See drunkeness is my approach but I hear prayers a safer bet,
and even though I feel like drinkin I'm not that thirsty yet,

But I might be missing her soon,
Yea I might be missing her soon,
Well I might be missing her soon,
Know I might be missing her soon.


missing her soon sounds like a man just about to breakup. you might need a few drinks for that. good song for building up the courage to break up.

It had a fun old school southern rock kind of vibe!

Lyrics Nick Coleman / Crawford Hurst Music Nick Coleman / Crawford Hurst
Producer James Neel Publisher Nick Coleman / Crawford Hurst
Performance Nick Coleman / Crawford Hurst Label Big Richard Records
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