Love's Left Over Lovers

Story Behind The Song

Wrote it one west texas, Moon on the mesa morning, not far from Balmorea, Tx, Though Not no where near my home...

Song Description

Life is spitfire wind on your sun torn face... Life is a dank memory that's been forcefully laid out on a rotted floor board in this endless struggle for the ugly truth, the unicorn truth, something that will temporarily ease our anguish and for once, disprove the internal realization toward undeniable knowledge... That we are as we are no matter who we are... We Are Alone all the way in and all the way out, down the mountain and across the valley, fearless or not... We are truly the loneliest of all creations are we not? -CH

Song Length 4:34 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Moving, Passive Subject Youth, Change
Similar Artists Lyle Lovett, Ray LaMontagne Language Italian
Era 1960 - 1969


*** Final Attempt At Writing This Particular Song, DRAFT: #108

~ These Are The Leftovers of Love ~
Well I refused,
The light of day,
I closed the blinds,
And walked away,
Now there's no use,
Holding my breath,
Someone's gone,
Aint Nothing left,

Nothing but the leftovers of love,
But that aint nearly enough,
To go on holdin on to someone,
Who I can only dream of...

Now there's no cure
For what I got
Unending sorrows
All around the clock
So I blame God
Like most fools do
For leaving me with nothing
After losing you

Nothing but these leftovers of love
But that aint nearly enough
To go on holding on to someone
Who I can only dream of...

I've got the TV
And the radio loud
But both of them together
Don't drown the sorrow out
'Tween emotion
And what's within
There just aint much
To rebuild again

Not from these leftovers of love
But that aint never enough
To go holding on to something
Who I can only dream of...

Well years have passed
Never thought they would
Rebuilt my heart
Never thought I could
But you don't linger
Not like you did before
And so I don't suffer
Much anymore

Got lost over these left over's of love
But that aint nearly enough
To keep holding onto someone
Who I can only dream of,
Oh no, not to go holding on now to something,
That I can only dream of...

*All Music and All Lyrics
Written By:
Nick Coleman & Crawford Hurst

© 03/06/2010

Great song! Guitar and vocal go well together.

Lyrics Coleman & Crawford Hurst Music Coleman & Crawford Hurst
Producer Jezebel Slumbers Publisher Visiting With Ancient Angels
Performance Frodo 'The Goutch' Babins Label Big Rig Records (Rio Rio Rio)
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