just Me And The Wind

Song Length 3:42 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Americana


I heard small town sirens/
The weather got bad/
And the banks all closed down/
With what money they had/
And I sat on the street/
Watched a dark storm roll in/
Main street was empty/
Just me and the wind/

Well the sheriff he pulled by/
Said he had a place I could stay/
But I'd fell for that once/
And I wasn't gonna today/
So I grabbed up my bags/
And the sky grew dim/
Maiin street was empty/
Just me and the wind/

Right across the street/
From the Co-op there's a bar/
So I went in for a drink/
Heard an old man play the guitar/
He sang a murder ballad/
As the door swung open again/
But no one came inside/
Just me and the wind/

Well I emptied my glass/
Went outside for a smoke/
The streetlamps were flashing/
Just like lightning bolts/
And as I nursed my cigarette/
I saw dark clouds descend/
Main street still empty/
Just me and the wind/

Well I thanked the old man/
For the songs that he sang/
And headed off for the station/
Heard the whimper of the train/
Said good-bye to Iola/
I'll probably never see her again/
Her streets were all empty/
Just me and the wind/

Very real performance,very reminencent of old time folk songs
Nice job. Love the hook line!!

Really lovely to listen to!
Clean and enjoyable recording on guitar.
Lovely vocal.
Folky lyrics that told a story and carried you along.
Overall a really good song!

Love the storytelling aspect of this song, with its great hook. very poetic. reminds me of Bob Dylan. Great job!

I like the rawness of it.

Lyrics Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman Music Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman
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