Jackhammer Women

Song Description

yours truly, -Crawford Hurst

Song Length 2:48 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Restless Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Cats, Kittens
Similar Artists Arlo Guthrie, Buddy Holly


I gotta jackhammer woman
Made of steel
But she don't give a damn
'bout the way I feel
Well she knows my troubles
Knows all my pain
But she hammers on my heart
And she don't feel a thing
And she might be a good cook
If you could get her in the kitchen
Might even be a good listener
If she'd just stop Bitchin'
It's honey do this
Honey do that
I give her all my kisses but she
Don't kiss me back
Now you gotta sell your soul, justa
Buy your dreams, you gotta
Squeeze that nickel, till the
Buffalo screams.

I gotta jackhammer woman
Gotta jackhammer pa
He's the father of misfortune and my
Father in law
Well he tells me im a failure
Tells me im a fool
Makes me sing for my dinner
And works me like a mule

Now his chubby wife's no better
Hell she might be worse
She tells me she'll me grinning big
When they load me in that hearse
And I try and be a good man
Make a dollar save a dime
But it's so hard to count your blessings
Standing at the back of a soup line

Wishing I had me a woman
With a heart of gold
Cause a jackhammer woman
Aint got no kind of soul
Now you gotta sell your soul, justa
Buy your dreams, you gotta
Squeeze that nickel, till the
Buffalo screams.

Jackhammer Woman
Copyright 12/10/2011 All music and lyrics © by Nick Coleman/Crawford Hurst

This song has a toe-tapping rhythm with a familiar feel and good vocals.

I loved the fast paced Bluesy sound. The guitar playing was really good.

The song has a lot of drive. Americana all the way. I think I would play this song. over all good stuff.

Really like this song....good rockin tempo and fun to listen to!

I really appreciate what this is! A rough recording with a great story behind it. Great storytelling is hard to come by these days. Killer track, short and sweet

Like it!!!
Great vibe and energy.
I know the track was live...but I love vocal, acoustic tracks!
Interesting and thoughtful lyrics.
I can hear this song fully produced.. as something very special.
Couldn't understand all the lyrics... but heard enough to know it's a keeper!
Nicely done!

Lyrics Crawford Hurst Music Nick Coleman
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