Cutty's Blues

Story Behind The Song

I was on Sabbatical in that city by the river, while Nick was living down in the triple digit heat of Satan's Rectum, Texas. He wrote this song while in a high speed pursuit of his lovely wife to be... but he wrote this song about logging for that old indescribable black magic of our songwriting collaboration..

Song Length 2:38 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Outraged, Nonviolent Subject Life, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Similar Artists Buddy Holly, Massachusetts Maxine Language Hindi
Era 1930 - 1939


Well the future's just a fence post - the past a loaded gun,
Been caught off playing the fool with fortunes favorite son,
It's a new door swinging every time you turn to go,
Hey, Hey Cutty,
Don't it make a good man low,

Yea well call it by the mark's now - don't call it heaven or hell,
The waves they always look so far off right before they start to swell,
It's not until the tide goes out that you see who's swimming in the nude,
Hey, hey Cutty,
Don't it make a good man swoon,

So we can still call each river Jordan - call each and every man our savior,
Been broke down so long we play at better men's behavior,
Ah strutting down main street with that old bottle of booze,
Hey, hey Cutty,
Don't it give a good man the blues,

And hey, hey Cutty,
Don't it give a good man the blues?

Lyrics Nick Coleman & Cole Crawford-Hurst Music Nick Coleman & Cole Crawford-Hurst
Producer Nick Coleman & Cole Crawford-Hurst Publisher Nick Coleman & Cole Crawford-Hurst
Performance Nick Coleman & Cole Crawford-Hurst Label Nick Coleman & Cole Crawford-Hurst
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