April Angels

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The overall melody line suits the choice of instruments very well. The echo effect in the first part gave a faint hint of Miles Davis's sound in Tutu. When it changes kind of half way through I liked what I think was a Roland Jupitor 8 organ sound which gave it a good retro feel reminiscent of the 80's Prog Rock era.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Electronic - Experimental
Era 2000 and later

liked the percussion effects as well as the guitar tone and washes. Middle break at around 1:25 is quite nice, I was hoping it was going to build before resolving back into the intro groove.

Nice and well built piece with pleasing instrumentation and a somewhat eerie feeling to it, which enhances it greatly. Puts me to mind of some of the Moody Blues stuff in the 60's and 70's.

reminds me of some early recordings I made in the 70's

There are some ideas here. There is some musicianship on display. Lots of influences at play. Pink Floyd comes to mind.

I would pitch this to syncs, the track has the vocal and lyrical potential of which I can collaborate and put together in my studio

Lyrics none Music Lindsay Smith
Producer Lindsay Smith Publisher Lindsay Smith
Performance Lindsay Smith
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