A Million Shades of Orange

Song Length 3:43 Genre Folk - Contemporary


A Million Shades of Orange (Jan. 2000)
Copyright © Nathan C. George

one more sunrise for me and you
a million shades of orange
i stare in the east, sway to the south
my hand reaches for yours

*somebody else was sayin
just how beautiful you are
but they couldn?t know and they couldn?t see
just how much you mean to me

i sit at our family table
i thumb the scratches you?ve laid
as you beat out a rhythm with a kitchen knife
son how wonderfully your made *

there?s something about the sun tonight
dying blood red
why this love and why this way
it should have been me instead *

Lyrics Nathan Clark George Music Nathan Clark George
Producer Nathan Clark George Publisher Nathan Clark George
Performance Nathan Clark George
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