My Forever

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My Forever Nathan Hiltner

The sky might not stay this blue forever,
But I?ll still keep you here with me.
The water might not stay like glass forever,
But I?ll still keep you here with me.

Hard times will come,
And fear will follow,
And I will hold you all night long.
When we wake in the morning,
I will tell you that we?ll make it,
I will sing you a verse of this song.

The birds might not sing like this forever,
But I still want you by my side.
The clouds might open up and pour down their rain,
I?ll do my best to keep you dry.

And when your heart is breaking,
And you can?t go another step,
I will walk beside you and I?ll pray,
That the One who loves you more than I,
Will carry you to places that I can?t,
And that He will help me keep you safe.

The sun might not shine like this forever,
I?ll do the best that I can do.
Life might not be this bright forever,
But I know I want to spend it all with you,
You are my forever.

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