I Can't Breathe

Story Behind The Song

writer disturbed by the current social issues of today

Song Description

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland and many more. Issues affecting black lives today.

Song Length 4:58 Genre R & B - Soul, R & B - Classic
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Disturbed Subject Protest, Race/Ethnicity
Similar Artists Bill Withers, Leon Bridges Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


Another black life is gone
Gone on home,
His mother is crying trying to carry on
His father sees his heartbroken family
He's always believed in justice and in peace
So how could he lose his child
at the hands of the police
Down on his knees, he recalls
his child last plea,

Lord, I can't breath
I can't Breath
I can't Breath
Hate is Killing me

We say the land of the free
home of the Brave,
But does that cover me,
Or is it just for a certain race,
We proudly proclaim
All men are made the same
But what we see and what we say
They just ain't the same
If you don't believe it's true
You just don't feel my pain
Systemic Chains and priviledge
are killin me...

Lord, I can't Breathe
I can't Breathe,
I can't Breathe,
Hate is killin me

We've marched and cried too long
Sang too many songs
Praying for a change that won't come
Protested peacefully
Just to let others see
We're not gone take it no more;

I can't Breathe
I can't Breathe
I can't Breathe
Hate is Killing me.

Lyrics John Willis Music John Willis
Producer John Willis Publisher John Willis
Performance Jonel Jones

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