Day I Disappear

Story Behind The Song

The Day I Disappear is an original song written by Heath Mensher and Benoir. Lyrics by Heath, music with Benoir and the SBB band. Basically, the singer is saying when I leave you babe, don't try to find me....

Song Description

Leave me alone !

Song Length 3:18 Genre Blues - Delta, Blues - Delta
Mood Troubled, Miserable Subject Frustration, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Muddy Waters, Creedence Clearwater Revival Era 2000 and later


If I tell you where to find me will you promise not to look - I can't stand to hear you callin' my name.

I asked you please for water -
But you gave me gasoline -
You're so cold, mama, for havin' such a big flame.


I gave you a set of keys
that would let you in my heart
But I never let you get too far inside.

I stopped you on the 1st floor
to make sure you wouldn't start -
To redecorate my rooms with all your bad lies.


and what you got you don't give no more.
and what you believe - you don't live no more, and I beg you not to find me, I beg you not to find me, On the day....

The day I disappear....

2 solo

Lyrics Heath Mensher Music Benoir
Producer Benoir Publisher musicnoir a.s.c.a.p.
Performance Benoir, Heath Mensher, Fred McCondichie, Tucky Parkis Label Musicnoir
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