Manners Rap

Story Behind The Song

My first song about manners, Habit the Rabbit, didn't cover everything I wanted to teach kids about manners, so I added this one to my repertoire. Special thanks to my friend & producer Jamie DeFrates for the chorus idea.

Song Description

Fast moving and fun, this syncopated song covers basic table manners from A-Z, including G (passing gas and how to NOT react). Great teaching tool for older kids.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Rap - General, Unique - Children
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, Sociable Subject General, General
Similar Artists Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Baez Language English
Era 2000 and later


CHORUS: Manner, Oh yeah, Mind your manners, Yes Ma'am.
Manners, Oh yeah, Mind your manners, Yes Sir.

Ok, now kids, for a little more fun
A fast crash course in Manners 101
If you pass, you get a golden star.
Put it into practice, baby, you'll go far.
There's more to good manners than just please and thanks
So here we go, guys, just fill in the blanks. SING CHORUS

If you want the world to think your mama raised you right
Always chew your food with your mouth closed TIGHT.
Sit up straight and tall like you're strong and able.
Put your napkin on your lap; keep your elbows off the TABLE.
Swallow your food, then you may speak.
Never say a word with your chow in your CHEEK. SING CHORUS

Try a little bit of everything that's on your plate.
Don't think you're gonna die because of what you ATE.
If the food's fantastic, slow down your motor.
Don't shovel it in like a front end LOADER.
If you want to make your grandma or your grandpa proud
Say "Excuse me" when you burp, and don't be LOUD. SING CHORUS

If someone flatulates, hey, just let it pass.
It's rude to remark about natural GAS.
When you're finished with your meal, don't jump up and go.
"May I please be excused" are some words you gotta KNOW.
If you want to get an "A" on your Manners Test,
Help to clear the table, and compliment the CHEF.
Remember someone's always lookin' at you.
Mind your manners, kid, it's the right thing to DO.
it's the right thing to DO. it's the right thing to DO.

Love the voice! wow! so good! cool gruv, great bass playing, awesome ideas

All the vocals were off the chart!

Love the lyrics!

Great heart and spirit! LC Team

Not sure what to compare this to. It is very different.

Definitely original. I love the fact it's geared towards children.

would let my kid listen catchily

I never usually review anything from the rap genre as I am not a fan at all but I was pleasantly surprised by this. Great bass playing again! I think I recognise the artist! Great lyrics and sentiment. This is very good - down to the chugging little keyboard that is stabbing away in the background.

The intro was good, the vocals can be a little more mellow

Might be a good fit for a kids show... learning channel...

Definitely entertaining.

This was a fun little jingle you made! Haha, I was smiling the whole time with how creative it was and the writing was witty and inclusive, while still being educational and informative. The tongue-in-cheek "manner" of this song reminded me of the type of PSA songs that I would have to listen to at public schools as a child. Overall not bad.

This is a great funky tune for the kids! Should not be a problem to place this song in a kid show! Great mix all around: Vocals, instrumentation, and arrangement. Great lesson lyrics on top of a funky beat with an assortment of effects on the backing vocals! Inspires me to take a crack at making songs for kids shows!

This genre has a jazz undertone to it. I would not necessarily consider this Hip Hop, but I could see the blend of both styles of genre. Being that the Song is talking about "Mind your Manners", it sounds as if it would work great as a children's song. You have the potential to market this song in something like Sesame St., or a popular young kids show.

I think this could be one of those viral videos, e.g. dad raps, etc. Could have some traction in educational environments too!

Sounds good for a commercial that's targeting youth. Quality isn't bad, and vocals are nice and clear! I think it will do well at a live performance.

This song definitely has market potential. The category caused the song to catch me off guard, but I was quickly brought on board by the straight forward hook, which is catchy as hell. The recording sounded clean of noise and additional artifacts, and the instrumental had a groove to it. The lyrics were on point and should definitely be heard by children today.

Good Concept I had my 6 year old listen to this. lol

Good job, something positive for the kids. As a matter of fact, it's a good song for all ages.

good work needs more hype to it

Obviously a kids song in a mock hip hop groove, pretty nice bass line, well recorded, not sure who it reminds me of ... maybe Mr Rogers trying to appeal to a bunch of kids that like rap and hip hop.

I think the instrumental is pretty basic which is not a bad thing less instruments is better in this age we live in with the LOUD WARS. It definitely reminds you of a school video for Pre K age kids and younger.

Ok so I like your approach and I'm all for the kids it's very nice

The biggest positive I can give is that it is very original. I understand that this is probably for kindergarten kids so I get it.

Sounds like a promotional soundtrack for school aged children. I'm gonna Mind My Matters. LOL

I love the positive message

Early Childhood rap.

great recording. studio sound

I take it that this project was put together for some kind of educational purposes for children and if so great job it does have a very catchy hook that i think children can easily remember.

Great song for a child network or child tv show

Nice way to teach children

great message

It sounds ok, the lyrics are ok,

It's different for sure. It's Unique that I respect.

positive song with a funky bassline

It's a cute song for kids. I could see it being played somewhere they play music for kids. Production is great on this.

great way to deliver an age old family values learning lesson/principle within a very modern genre style. Cute. very well done.

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