Universal Man

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - General
Language English Era 2000 and later


I am universal man

Every time he comes along
Winds of change have led us wrong
He wants, he takes without remorse
His eyes a steely piercing force

I can?t understand you
Would I do what you do
If I knew what you knew

I?m the one that you think of
When you speak of truth and love
In times of trouble I?ll get you by
Lift your heart up to the sky

You seem familiar to me
You?re intriguing to me
Everything I need

I?m a lecher, I?m a liar
I?m the ire in Satan?s fire
I?m an angel, I?m a lamb
I am Universal Man
I?m a killer, I?m a crank
I?m the one that you will thank
I?m a sinner, I?m a spy
I?m the one who?ll get you high

As long as time has counted down
I have walked this hallowed ground
Full of hate and full of love
I?m a snake and I?m a dove

You?re no mystery to me
It?s not hard to see
Everything in me

Lyrics Pam Barrett Music Pam Barrett
Producer Matthew Sanborn Publisher Pam Barrett
Performance The Motor Primitives Label Boat Records
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