Wages of Sin

Song Description

Classic Rock style, along the lines of Blue Oyster Cult

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Classic


The Wages of Sin
© 2005 Bailey

Verse 1
You let it run your life
You know what?s wrong
And you know what?s right

You take it on the chin
Cause you?ve seen the hurt
And it has to end

Chorus 1
Are these the wages of sin
You can never give in
To the hate that your feeling within?
Are these the wages of sin

Verse 2

You gotta stand and fight
Cause that?s what a man will do
And you know it?s right

Now there?s darkness in my life
I can?t see nothin? new
Come and be my light

Chorus 2

Are these the wages of sin
You feel you never can win
Have some faith? let the healing begin
Are these the wages of sin

Lyrics Paul Bailey (ascap) Music Paul S. Bailey aka Morgan Paul (ascap)
Producer Paul Bailey Performance Morgan Paul
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