Left Behind

Song Description

The story of an abandoned child. from the child's perspective.

Song Length 6:00 Genre Rock - General


Verse 1
I never saw your face
I never knew your name
Just left here in this place
Thinking I?m the one to blame

Was I too much to bear
Or is it just that you didn?t care
I didn?t ask to be in this world
Didn?t you ask for me?

Verse 2

Each day just passes by my eyes
Just like the one before
And even through my infant cries
It?s tears and nothing more

Lying here all alone
Why won?t somebody take me home
I didn?t ask to be in this world
Didn?t you wish for me?

I am the child you left behind
Look in your heart - it?s me you?ll find
So tell me why??
Why are you still living
In my mind

Please come back to me
Take me in your arms and comfort me
I can?t make it on my own
Won?t you please just take me home

Verse 3

A mother?s touch, a father?s face
These things I?ll never know
If only I could feel a warm embrace
Just once before I go

You pay for passion?s price
Was it too much to just think twice
You didn?t ask me to be in your world
But in your world I?ll be

Take me home

Lyrics Paul Bailey (ascap) Music Paul S. Bailey aka Morgan Paul (ascap)
Producer Paul Bailey Performance Morgan Paul
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