Calm Before the Storm

Song Description

Classic styled rock song with Deep Purple influence.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Classic


Calm Before the Storm
© 2005 Bailey

Verse 1
Another working day
This wound is never gonna heal
Still livin? in my mind
The pain I?ll always feel

It?s just like yesterday
Life changed forever more
Reminds me everyday
That the devil?s at the door

Verse 2

Ya say I should change my world
To better suit your view
Same story every day
Your rant is nothing new

I try to let you in my world
To show you I?m okay
Your answer?s filled with hate
Ya wanna take my life away

It?s always calm before the storm
The sky is always blue
Before the tempest tears your world apart

Don?t you close your eyes child
It?s always calm before the storm

Verse 3

Will there ever be a time
When we can get along
When we can live our lives
And neither one is wrong

Put down your sword of hate
My shield of righteous pride
Build a bridge between our worlds
And turn this deadly tide


Lyrics Paul Bailey (ascap) Music Paul S. Bailey aka Morgan Paul (ascap)
Producer Paul Bailey Performance Morgan Paul
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