Song Description

Frenetic cyber-rock acid trip features Kaeti O'Ghara's penetrating vocals and addictive guitar driven groove accented with sharp-edged hallucinagenic electronic loops and effects. Memorable melody and lyrics.

Song Length 4:02 Genre Rock - Gothic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Frenetic, Troubled Subject Art, Sculpture, Stars, Planets, Space
Similar Artists Garbage, Radiohead Language English
Era 2000 and later


Sleep... Beautiful sleep.
Somnific dream so elusive
Eyes ask the moon
Curse the sun so intrusive.
Lethargy blankets my bones.

Drift… Drifting to you.
Deafening thoughts, so destructive.
Black cloak the night
Choke the light so disruptive .
Weariness seizes my frame.
Languor that finds me insane.

Hear me!
Shatter chaos from my bed.
Leave me!
Let me rest.

Ache…Aching for you
Worrisome grief so persuasive
Dark silence the din
Temper the wind so evasive
Morpheous tortures my skin
Sirens that scream from within

Hear me!
Shatter chaos from my bed.
Leave me!
Let me rest.

Sink…longing to sink
Covered in spines so abrasive
Love… banish the chill
Steady my will so invasive

Hear me..
Shatter chaos from my bed
Leave me..
Let me rest.

Lyrics Kaeti O'Ghara Music TSO
Producer TSO Publisher Ursa Minor Arts & Media
Performance Moon Theory Label Ursa Minor Arts & Media
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