Bent Down

Story Behind The Song

My father and I have an extremely close relationship. This tune was written about life after divorce.

Song Description

This tune is about two seperate people who made the wrong choices and wish they had another chance. They wish things were the way they could've or should've been.

Song Length 5:13 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Modern


Bent Down
the sun rises just above the city,
and he's already on the road
he's been trying to get out for so ong
the hole continues to grow
but now the fix is in
how could you let her slip away?
you just pray to have what could have been
then you watched her go that day.

Everything glows gold in candlelight,
and time goes on and on
when tomorrow promises more of yesterday
you're more broken than bent down

verse 2:
it's 12:02 a.m. on Friday
and she rolls out of bed
so sick of what she needed, she can't remember what she has
but now there ain't no turning back
cause she's forgotten how to love
and she just prays to have what should have been
and you should have been someone else


And every time your door squeaks,
your mind it simply wanders on
and every day gets a little longer
because you're somewhere else


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