Don't Call Me a Bird

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Song about bats written as a riddle, great for elementary school kids. Based on the book Stellaluna.

Song Length 2:28 Genre Unique - Children
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Don?t Call Me a Bird

I have a head and a body too
Tiny eyes for seeing you
And a mouth I use to eat
A brain, two feet a heart that beats

Don?t call me a bird
Just because I have wings
Don?t call me a bird
I?m not a feathered thing
Don?t call me a bird
Don?t even try
I?m not a bird, what am I?
I?m not a bird, what am I?

You won?t find a beak on me
I have no nest up in a tree
I don?t lay eggs by the bunch
Or feed my babies worms for lunch


I fly at night and think its great
Using radar to echolocate
Thumbs and fur, hear me squeak
Upside down I like to sleep


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Performance Mr. Billy Label Great Unknown
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