Creature Teacher

Song Description

Spooky kooky rock song for kids great for Halloween season, but doesn't say the word Halloween!

Song Length 2:13 Genre Unique - Children


Creature Teacher

It was the first day of school my teacher was new
I wondered if my teacher would be creepy or cool
When I opened the door and peeked inside
I saw that my teacher had piercing red eyes

Creepy, crazy, freaky, scary and weird
That?s the kind of day this has been
Loco, cranky, coo-coo, fearful and strange
I wish that this day would end

She opened her mouth and out came weird sounds
We shivered in fear and knocked the door down
Outside in the hall the principal screamed
My eyes blasted open it was only a dream


Lyrics Mr. Billy Music Mr. Billy
Producer Mr. Billy Publisher Mr. Billy
Performance Mr. Billy Label Great Unknown
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