Song Description

Haunting, modern sounding but evoking the past, and a complelling story lyric.

Song Length 4:45 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Moving Subject Doom, Worry
Era 2000 and later



walking along past the Trylon and the Perisphere
the World of Tomorrow lies ahead
with freeways and television
and fantastic things
designed to make our lives so easy
the future looks so bright right now
here in 1939

me and my girl holding hands inside the picture show
the newsreels report a growing gloom
a cancer is spreading in a land across the sea
and in my mind a million questions
there?s a fear on the horizon now
here in 1939

my father bled on a field in France in 1917
his father never made it off the "Maine"
we were raised to be free and proud
when duty calls you don?t back down
now I can see the writing on the wall

I remembered that great airship
That just two years before
Crashed down in an all consuming fire
And now hope burns like the Hindenburg
Here in 1939

music & lyrics by Mike Renneker

Lyrics Mike Renneker Music Mike Renneker
Producer Mike Renneker Performance Mike Renneker
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