Deal Or No Deal

Song Description


Song Length 2:38 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Joyful
Subject Dance Language English
Era 2000 and later


copyright © 2008 Mattera/Check/Minecci

Deal or No Deal

What's it gonna be

Howie's on the stage

And he's waiting there for me.

Deal Or No Deal

What's it gonna be,

The audience is screaming,

But it's all up to me.

Lovely Ladies with cases

Ready to open wide

Tempting me with the money

Can't wait to make it mine.

More money then I've ever seen

More money than I've ever dreamed

Then Howie insists, right after this.... *** (SHORT)

My families out there shouting

All giving me advice

Now I have to pick a case

This time I'll do it twice

The bankers on the telephone

Howie takes the call,

It's a huge amount of money,

But I'd rather have it all.

I'm here to tempt the hand of fate

I'm here with odds you can debate

But this big amount, is all that counts ****

Hey Banker, I can't see your face,

Hey Banker, Here's the winning case

Then Howie chimes, We'll know next time ****

Lyrics Mattera/Check?minecci Music Mike Mattera
Label THouse Productions
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