You and Me Toeing the Line

Song Length 2:59 Genre Country - Traditional
Mood Blissful, On Cloud Nine Subject Falling in Love, Marriage
Language English


You and Me Toeing the Line
by Michael Shorr

Never saw a woman with(a) two legs on
Like the pair that you got, baby doing me harm.
Like the way that you wiggle, like the flowing of your hair,
The way that you giggle, and a smile so rare.

Never thought I'd find myself scrubbing 'hind my ears,
Cleaning off my findernails or looking in the mirror.
But nothing seems to matter 'cept for making you mine,
You and Me Toeing the Line.

See you in the sunshine, laying on the lawn
Surrounded by the puppies and the horses and the corn.
Watching you watching the clouds move up above.
This feeling inside means I'm falling in love.


Time comes for us to take a leap of faith, join together sus-
Tain the love we share. Babe I know you care.

So c'mon with me baby got me feeling so right,
Let's tie the knot together, got you wedding ring tonight.
Slip my arms around you, hold you body next to mine.
If I say "I do" and you do to this life'll work out fine.



Repeat Verse 1

Copyright (c) 09/1991
Michael H. Shorr
Shorrline Music

Lyrics Michael Shorr Music Michael Shorr
Producer Michael Shorr Publisher Rowtheboata Music
Label Rowtheboata Records
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