This Time Around

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


"This Time Around"
by Michelle Lewis and Michael Shorr
Copyright © Shorrline Music, BMI; Michelle Lewis Music, ASCAP

Flying down a partly spiral stairway
I wipe the hair back from my face
And I take one last look past might right shoulder
and I say goodbye to this place

I walk through the door and I will close it one last time
Got that look, not a smile, not quite a frown
And if pain were my family then I guess I'm homeward bound
but I'm fine This Time Around
Yes I'm fine This Time Around

I drive down the highway in a slow-lane car
But I'm passing people left and right
And I can picture your face inside the sun's orange glow
As I watch the day turn into night
And it's not the fact it was the wrong place and wrong time
or that I lost the love we once had found
It's that I knew from the start of this it never would work out
But I'm fine This Time Around
Yes I'm fine This Time Around

And I don't know why I've these delusions in my mind
Of fairytales built 'Once upon a time'
And I can't figure out what all this misery's about
but I'll be fine
this time ...

Going down, going down
Going down without a sound
As I watch my dreams all shattered to the ground
Going down, going down
Silence never seemed so loud
Going down down down
Going down down down
But I'm fine
This time
Said I'll be fine
This time
I'll be fine
This time

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