That's Just How Life Is - Work Tape

Song Length 4:12 Genre Country - Contemporary


by Michael Shorr
Copyright (c) 2003

My little boy Jake cried next to me
Hot tears rollin', little blood on his knee.
from fallin' off the swings.
And I held his head, held his hand
But his big sad eyes didn't understand
The pain that life can bring.

But there's one lesson I guess that I have learned by now
And as I hugged him close and wiped those tears away, I said

I'm sorry, son.
I know you hurt real bad.
The times when I felt sad
My Daddy told me, when he would hold me:
Everybody falls
We all lose our grip
you can grab on tight
but things you love still slip away.
That's just how life is.
That's just how life is.

When he turned thirteen, me and his mom
helped him get dressed up for the junior high prom
And the doorbell rang at last.
Was his girlfriend Jen, should've seen him smile
But it faded away as they talked for a while.
When he closed the door, I didn't even have to ask.

He said, "Dad, she found another guy to take her.
How come love that felt so good can hurt so bad?"


Just last year, Grandpa, my Dad, had to leave
And when his day came, my Old Man turned to say, before he went away, he said


Lyrics Michael Shorr Music Michael Shorr
Producer Michael Shorr Publisher Michael Shorr Music (BMI)
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