Like Myrna Loy

Song Length 3:37 Genre Rock - Alternative


Like Myrna Loy
By Michael Shorr
Copyright © 1989 Michael H. Shorr (Michael Shorr Music, BMI)

We know him, that Soho boy, your new friend, your new toy.
When tomorrow comes, will you forget him?
Casting your exotic eyes, you bleed 'em dry like Myrna Loy.
Feeling full of emptiness since you met him.

You're so beautiful, yeah, I could fall for you.

Painted face all over town, billboard cool, come-hither coy.
Is that sparkle in your eye, anger flashin'?
Innocent, delectable, an open mouth like Myrna Loy,
But in a kiss, it came to this: love was frozen.

Yeah, you're beautiful, and just like that I fell for you.

At the end of the day, do you wonder what's so appealing?
Can mirror-mirror on the wall tell you what you're feeling?

You know that beauty fades, the years decay the celluloid.
But you pretend you've got it made, masquerading at the ball.
So even if you're beautiful, you're not at all like Myrna Loy.
Paper lanterns in the wind. Who's the fairest of them all?

You're so beautiful, time won't touch you.

Lyrics Michael Shorr Music Michael Shorr
Producer Michael Shorr Publisher Michael Shorr Music (BMI)
Performance Michael Shorr Label Rowtheboata Records
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