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Rap - Hip Hop | Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
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Ubuntu (I Am Cause We Are??..)
By: Micah James

Verse I: From bottomless pits, to the gates of heaven, Fahrenheit 451, forgotten chapters of burnt scriptures, burnt testimonies, pictures of family hangings, We got a party down at the square, bare naked beatings I wont take them, cost of being holy, no one will erase my entire generation, face of Dr. Frederick Douglass, courage of Queen Harriet Tubman, every well written scroll, not only plummet my own soul, plummet every soul, I?ve walked where daemons have vomited look to the sky, I?m still in control, built like I was born in the middle of Egypt, in the Garden of Eden, at ten years old I?ve seen him, thought I dreaming, Doctor said, ?He?s hallucinating!? Then he moved on to his next patient, if Katrina, would have came through Hollywood where there?s a large amount of Caucasians, Would our government had done the same? Brothers kill brothers for fortunes of flames, I?m scorching walking, start jogging, sprinting, I?m still scorching in the rain, Micah they wont listen if you don?t mention Cocaine, Well tell the truth, one man in Columbia runs everything, rest of you bastards are only actors and ponds, this is chess, not an X-Box 360, three to six politicians were bred cause their fathers controlled the Mafia, no weapon formed can stop ya, I speak its like rounds from a Gatlin, I?m in something foreign, switch gears now that precision passing, A priest told me, ?The sun is shinning, storming, they say the Devil?s laughing the Lord is crying, I?m not where I want to be so I keep trying, come and see me, I keep that iron it steam cleans, inside of my chest except for Jordan, rest of the dream team, don?t place no crown on me, I?m just a messenger, the rest of you clowns are bacteria, I?m the device to disinfect you, cleanse my hood, look to the heavens for decisions, raised Boys II Men like Mike Bevins, Another Bad Creation what them teachers said, only if they knew I took Holy Water and washed my face and hands and came to school????

Chorus: The message came after 40 days and 40 nights of rain, on the wings of a dove, every feather is embedded love, my direction of my journey is in a star I am cause we???(2x)???

Verse II: Inside the coffin of Malcolm and Martin, The Ashes Of Kings, classic sermons, mantels being passed on to their siblings, as I get older I starting to understand Ghandi?s reasoning?s, or understanding Abe Lincoln signed an Emancipation proclamation freeing blacks, they say blacks, sold blacks into slavery, all yall artist, who signed impotent contracts sold into slavery, go get your master some tea and his paper, if you could see your behavior you?d hate yourself, brace yourself, them airplane rides might end up in skyscrapers, I?ll turn the cheek once, I respect you don?t disrespect me neighbor, everyday I keep building my timber, everyday I?m involved with doing favors, contributions are soothing, look at my physique you see the projects, look in my eyes you see Jerusalem, inside my dimples, are cracks inside of Roman temples, I come with facts whenever my pad encounters my pencil, it took a while for me to get here, A & R?s push me back like cuticles, I reside in Virginia - my mind is on private islands, private resorts, the illusionist disappeared from court, and post bail, if this dope sale, 50-50 chance end up shot, injured, dead or sent to jail, ?What a life?? My life will involve intricate epics, I?ll break my hands working, before I see my daughter in someone?s video naked, shaking for dollars shaking off problems, I wont rob him, I?m going get my own, it might take a while, I?m going get on, plus if its too easy, I don?t want it, if she?s too sleazy I don?t want it, give me a Madame comparable to Adam?s Eve, but that apple, I have the hunger of slaves, keep them shackles, I?m writing like I?m Alice Walker, but the color not purple, the color is murder, murder of my brothers and sisters, I pray for Africa, I pray for the government of Africa, which religion. which book, what hymn, which chapter, gone get me to them pearly white gates, I?m in a race to face redemption, I?m damn near bankrupt, I ain?t paying no more attention, I?m not playing with these little kittens, I?m afraid of my own strength, like Samson, if I cant see it please place me between two pillars, and if its meant to be, let it be, and if its meant to be let it be???..(Its Micah ----- Go!)

Chorus: The message came after 40 days and 40 nights of rain, on the wings of a dove, every feather is embedded love, my direction of my journey is in a star I am cause we???(2x)???

Song Length
Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Hip Hop
Infuriated, Restless

Subject Matter
Change, Heaven


Lyric Credits Micah James
Music Credits Micah James
Producer Credits VTZ Productions
Publisher Credits Micah James Literary Accomplishments (A.S.C.A.P)
Performance Credits Micah James
Label Credits Unsigned