Try Again

Song Description

This is a plead with your lover that you realize you have messed up, and that you will try again as manny times as it takes to make things right

Song Length 4:28 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Cheerless Subject Making Up, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Michael W. Smith Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Try Again
By Mel Stubbs
© 2002

You know the way I feel
You know that I won?t lie.
I?ve told you over and over again
That I?m going to try.
I?ve told you before
That it?s not easy
But still I know
That we can make it through this


Cause I?ll try again a hundred times
If it takes that long to show you I?m
The one that you?ve been waiting on
What?s it gonna take to show you.
I?m the one you can?t live without.
The one you?ve had those dreams about.
Take a look and you will find
I?m the one you?ve been missing all the time.

I?ve been there through it all
I?ve seen you at your highest and lowest times.
And I know I should?ve done more
To show you what you mean to me.
But it?s all gonna change
I?m gonna show you how strong a love can be.
If you wait on me,
Just wait and see.


And I know that things will never be
Perfect all the time
If you?ll give me one more try.


Lyrics Mel Stubbs Music Mel Stubbs
Producer Mel Stubbs Publisher Mel Stubbs
Performance Mel Stubbs, John Safko, John Huiett, Willie Sutton Label None

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