Say What U Mean

Story Behind The Song

I've been surrounded by fake and violent people most of my life so I decided to speak about some of my feelings.

Song Description

Talking about how people don't usually say what they mean. Some people are not genuine and are heartless for life.

Song Length 5:21 Genre Rap - General, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tense, Uptight Language English
Era 2000 and later


Say what you got to, spit it from the heart. Mean what my words say, clean as I rip them apart. The truth hurts its worse when fool spill the dirt. No loyalty no honor amongst those that wander. Through this life like serpents that speak with false tounges. Saying one thing and doing the other. Mother fuckers just a dirty rat trying to sabatoge. Ain't true to shit, broke down when the game got thick. Check your click, don't let them haters get to close to you. Fools that ran with you take whats yours and put a slug through you. I got my visual focused on them fools and them rollers. Know what my role is keep on paying dues win or lose. Some got it confused, spoon fed off a silver plate. We hustle in this struggle one day were gonna bubble. Keep it true to what you do it all catches up. I roll hard play the cards, you want scratch, better get your ass up. The clock is ticking it's the countdown to the end. Coming like a thief we never sleep to deep to comprehend. won't ever pretend don't intend to put no front up. So real like them riders in the streets that put their guns up. We run up been down so we come up. Speak my mind tell the real wont hold back what I feel. I drill into your grill and leave a bitter taste. I spit words of blood, dog standing face to face. Get put into your place, competition wont be erased. Should of thought before you pulled the trigger. Now the situations much bigger. Let your mouth get your ass into something that it can't get out of. Doubt your gonna see tommorrow, I mean what is said, left my cun cuno dead now you got a mark on your head. Revenge is so sweet were gonna cross paths I'm waiting. Say what the fuck you mean, mean what the fuck I'm saying.

Lyrics Medina Maestas, Lokon, Heather Larrabee Music Medina Maestas
Producer Medina Maestas Publisher Medina Maestas Immortal Mobbin ASCAP
Performance Medina Maestas, Lokon, Heather Larrabee Label Immortal Mobbin' LLC
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