One Sided Sex Machine

Story Behind The Song

I had a stroke in October of 2001, and this song is all true! (From my point of view, although slightly exaggerated.)I was told I would not sing again professionally, that I would not run, and I had a 90% chance of not having an orgasm again. Yikes!! I decided to make light of it in this song and write an anthem for disabled people like me near and far.

Song Description

A cute, jazzy, novelty song about sex and my disability.

Song Length 2:05 Genre Jazz - Swing, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Jovial Subject General, Encouragement
Similar Artists Weird Al Yankovic Language English
Era 2000 and later


Going to the hospital and
waiting for the news,
Case worker walks in the door,
to tell me what I'd lose.

"You have had a stroke," she said,
"And that implies that you won't walk,
And you won't sing again unless for fun,
it may be hard to talk,
But you might be lucky in other things you do."

(Hmmm, Aha!)

I'll be a one-sided sex machine,
That no one has ever seen!
Get me out of bed
and tie a tourniquet to my head!
A lean, mean machine!

Lyrics Mber Rose Music Mber Rose
Producer Mber Rose Performance Mber Rose

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