Almost sweet

Song Length 4:14 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Female


I´d like to tell you something lovely.
I´d like to tell you something good to hear.
?Cause I?ve never felt like this before
I wanna tell you, you are almost sweet.
I think that this can really happen.
I think that this could be the right thing now.
This love is ripe and good enough to eat
I wanna tell you, you are almost sweet.
Almost sweet, lovely heat
Locked in your gaze now, honey
Almost sweet, stop the beat!
Do you remember when we both were very young?
And you were like a devil in disguise.
No, you were never very good to me.
I always tried to play the field
But it?s all in the past, you see?
Because you´re almost sweet
The days are passing like the hours
Our love may never stand the test of time
But I can always tell you something lovely
I can always tell you, you are almost sweet.

Lyrics Matthías V.Baldursson / Candice Ivory Music Matthías V.Baldursson
Producer Matthias V.Baldursson Publisher Matthias V.Baldursson
Performance Áslaug Helga Hálfdánardóttir / Hildur Guðný Þórhallsdóttir Label M-music

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