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Wedding Song

Song Length 4:06 Genre R & B - Soul, R & B - Classic
Subject Marriage



Verse 1: I stopped searching
When I saw you
Cause I knew, I had found
That special someone
Gave me reasons
To rise up, when Im down
So I started thinking
Kinda plotting
Different ways, to tell you
What Im feeling
Careful timing
Was needed, to tell you that

Chorus: Ive
Been waiting for you
And now
That youre here
Cant believe
Youre with me

Verse 2: As time passed I
Saw the real you
And love grew, more and more
I learned so much from
How you showed love
Even when, times are rough
And its so frustrating
How Im fighting
If I should, come to you
Bout what Im feeling
Careful timing
Was needed, to tell you that

Bridge: And I waited oh so long
And the time it passed so slow
But somehow I?ve always known
That you'd, come around... yeah
Should I call you on the phone
Or just wait till were alone
Should I just leave you a note
I hope you don't let me down

Written By: Matthew Gibson

Lyrics Matthew Gibson Music Eldee Trevino
Producer Matthew Gibson Publisher Matthew Gibson
Performance Matthew Gibson
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