Song Length 4:43 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Alternative


Time, it's hanging by a thread
Hoping that the past won't vanish in our minds
This hope, it never fades away
Like a memory always burned into my soul
And breathe, I take in everything you give
Always taking chances, throw them to the wind
It feels, feels like it's slipping through my hands
So hard to grab it while it's fading all away

Soon that time will turn into an empty past
I try to hide but I can see it in my dreams
And all the answers bring more questions
Of everything this time can never see

And all these pictures I see
All still framed in my mind
Try to tear myself away from all this pain
But all these memories seem real
And it's nothing I can find
And I cannot stay away
No, I cannot leave this moment in time

It shines, like rings of gold that bring reflections
That brightens up the darkness in our eyes
So cold, so cold how can we slip away
And leave the sadness that has drowned us in despair



Lyrics Matthew Chase Music Matthew Chase
Producer Matthew Chase Publisher Matthew Chase
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