Lonely is a Place I Know Well Kmix1

Song Length 3:44 Genre Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


driving down the highway
don't need an exit sign
lonely is a place I know well

always seems to find me
no matter how far I drive
lonely is a place I know well

maybe it's just my way
and I only have myself to blame
when will it leave I can't say
but it always feels the same

comes without a warning
I wake up and feel it
lonely is a place I know well

another day is dawning
and I'm awake to see it
lonely is a place I know well

driving down a mountain road
hoping it will lighten my load
let me leave these troubles for a spell

maybe it's the price I pay
for living in my head each day
or hanging my heart out in the wind

but feeling deeply with my heart
I guess that's where the lonely starts
and that feeling won't go away

open up the window
mountain air can clear my mind

then from out of nowhere
I look into those eyes

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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