One Long Hot Summer Night

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One night of physical attraction combined with alcohol leads to a night of lust which quickly evaporated when they realize they have nothing in common. However the consequences are a baby and marriage based on shakey ground

Song Length 4:36 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
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One Hot Night
1. Cold love in November, a sad wedding day.

Little baby girl is crying, I heard somebody complain ohhhh
With no blessing from above, it's like wallpaper over cracks in the wall
Their love bound to fall
ch One long hot summer night; when everything felt so right
Seem' s like a life time ago
What started out as a love affair burned out in flames somwhere
Neither one taking the blame , whos gonna change uh hu
1. When the baby arrived, there's no denying that their flame had already died

And now they can't recall anything about each other that they loved at all
Standing there face to face making a vow, they know their gonna break
One long hot summer night when everything felt so right
Seems like a lifetime ago
What started as a love affair burned out in flames somwhere
Neither one taking the blame, for A sad wedding day
A sad wedding day nothings changed
Tears running down the face of the bride their babies not to blame
for a sad wedding day nothings changed nothings changed
nothings ever gonna change that.....
One long hot night, one mistake ;one that seems to last forever
Seems like a lifetime ago' One long Hot summer Night when everthing changed forever
One hot night, one hot night one long hot summer night Ohhh

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