Hey Hey Baby

Song Length 3:53 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


(Marna Bales, Jody Boyd, Melanie Cox)

At her favorite bar gave up the keys to her car
For another round of cold draft beer
She says to her friends don?t drop me when
You carry me on outta here!

11:05 she sees him sneakin? by
He?s comin? for his weekly no
Lookin? for romance or at least a first dance
Well he?s always ready to go

He says pardon me I know you shot me down before
But just hear me out for a minute or more
You see I paid big money just to learn how to dance
How ?bout you givin? me a chance?

CHORUS He said hey hey baby
Don?t say no say maybe
Hey hey baby
Don?t say no say maybe

Well a couple of beers became a couple of years
They got the fever every Saturday night
He?s a dancin? fool he treats her like a jewel
He knew that his timing was right

He says you and me have had a lot of fun
But just hear me out before you start to run
You see I paid big money for this diamond ring
And I just gotta ask this one more thing


Now her hair is gray and his has gone away
He only shuffles on the kitchen floor
But every now and then he gets that fever again
For a dance and maybe somethin? more

He says pardon me do you remember back when
Those good old days well they don?t have to end
I?m feelin? kinda frisky and you?re lookin? real fine
How ?bout tryin? an early bedtime?

Don?t say no if you can?t say yes
Don?t say no say maybe

Lyrics Marna Bales, Jody Boyd, Melanie Cox Music Marna Bales, Jody Boyd, Melanie Cox
Producer Jody Boyd & the Marna Bales Band Publisher Mikey Boy Music
Performance Marna Bales, Macy Kaczmarek
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