Can't Stop Me

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Rock


I can't turn this siren off, can't ignore it any longer
I'm not feelin' like I did, and this feelin's getting stronger
What I'm livin's not enough, no misgivings we're just up
I finally turned that corner

Faded dreams and disappointments, holding on to us is pointless

Can't stop. can't stop me, I'm gonna pack up my mind
It's time to go, cuz our love's outa time
Can't stop, can't stop me, I'm gonna be movin' on
Don't know where I'll go, but here's one last kiss and I'm gone

It was nothing you did wrong, what I'm wanting now is changing
I'm not clinging to the past, or the fear of separating
So now I'm gonna start to hear the beat of my own heart
There's too much out there waiting

Something new is in my vision, there's no changing my decision

Repeat Chorus

Faded dreams and disappointments, holding on to us is pointless

Repeat Chorus and fade

Copyright 2002 by Mark Keefner & Bobbie Golden

Lyrics Mark Keefner -Bobby Golden Music Mark Keefner
Producer Mark Keefner Publisher Mark Keefner - Bobby Golden
Performance Mark Keefner

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