Big Love

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This song voices that after all the hardships the character has been through physically, emotionally, relationally - it is going to take a really big love if it's to ever get through to her this time around...there is a hint of possible hope, but she wil

Song Length 4:18 Genre Country - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving, Troubled Subject Searching for Love, Present
Language English Era 2000 and later


Big Love

I?ve come a long way
To end up in this place again
Think I wanna lay my body down
Feels like a cold rain
Driving in my face again
But it still feels good somehow

I?ve come a long way
To end up where you are again
Think that things are gonna turn around
Feels like a warm wind
Blowing through my mind again
Got to get my feet back on the ground

It?s gonna take a big love this time around
It?s gonna take a big love this time around
Gonna take some hard knocks Gonna take a fine line
Gonna take a cold shock Gonna take a good sign
Gonna take a big love,
Gonna take a big love this time around.

I?ve come a long way
To end up coming home again
Can?t quite remember where I?ve been
Feels like a strong hand
Wrapping ?round my heart again
Can?t tell the beginning from the end

And I don?t know how near or far
From where I am to where you are,


Nobody gonna prove me wrong
Nobody gonna bring me down
Nobody gonna said that it isn't so
Cause all I know's this time around
It's gonna take a big love... this time around.

Lyrics Marianne Kesler Music Marianne Kesler
Producer J. Benjamin Kesler Publisher Cool Spirit Publishing
Performance Marianne Kesler Label Indie
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