The Passing of a Black Star

Story Behind The Song

This is piece was written as a tribute to David Bowie after his passing in January 2016. This piece is written for 4 classical guitars. It was inspired by David Bowie's album Blackstar, released only a couple of days before he passed away. Three songs from David Bowie's album Blackstar are quoted in this piece: - Blackstar - Lazarus - I Can't Give Everything Away Just like on the 'Blackstar' album, 'The Passing of a Black Star' uses elements of rock and jazz in the texture and arrangement of classical guitars. At the end of the piece you can even hear David Bowie's final heart beats.... The Passing of a Black Star was premiered in Lower Hut, Wellington area, NZ on 6 December 2016. Since then, the New Zealand Guitar Quartet has performed it on their tour of China in December 2016 and tour of New Zealand in June/July 2017. In 2018, it is scheduled to be performed on their tour starting in Australia, then Mexico and finally in USA, where they have been invited to play at the Guitar Federation of America events.

Song Description

Quote from Radio New Zealand: ''It's a very beautiful piece. It's got so much change, and variety, and dynamics, and energy and atmosphere. He's done an incredibly good job of including all those references to Bowie's last album." Upbeat with Eva Radich, Radio New Zealand

Song Length 10:02 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Jazz - Modern
Similar Artists David Bowie Era 2000 and later
Music composed by Marian Budos Producer Rattle
Publisher Rattle Performance performed by New Zealand Guitar Quartet
Label Rattle
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